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TGIF - Thank God it's Friday!

No school, we can sleep longer and then it's free time!

Sleeping in

Write the verbs into the gaps: (Use present simple!)

sleeping On Saturday morning my friend Robert usually sleeps (sleep) in (to sleep in =aussschlafen).

alarm clock ringing He puts (put) out the alarm clock and wakes (wake) up at 11 o clock.

taking a shower He washes (wash) his hair. Then he has (have) a coffee. drinking coffee

brushing teeth After that he brushes (brush=clean) his teeth. Then he goes (go) to a friend.

When he comes home he does (do) his homework. From 4 to 5 o'clock he tidies (tidy) up his room.

On a trip

Can you find the right pronoun?

1. Lilly is my friend. is fantastic. (!He)(!Her)(She)

2. Where's my pencil case? I can't find (!her)(!him)(it)

3. There's Mum. I think she can't see . Mum, here we are! (!her)(!them)(us)

4. Let's go now, Paul and Hannes. are late. (!They)(!Us)(We)

5. The pupils from 5d are nice. I like (!him)(them)(!they)