Free Time/School

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Do you know these subjects? Move the words with your mouse!

Biology-icon.png Biology where you learn about animals and plants
Note orange.svg Music where you sing and dance
Math Icon.png Maths where you count and add
Sports icon.png where you do sports Physical Education PE
Color pallette.svg Art where you draw pictures
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg English where you learn to talk with Americans
Noun Project science icon 334989 cc.svg Science where you do experiments

That was easy peasy, lemon squeezy! - Now let's do the next quiz:

A tutor is another word for teacher. He or she takes care of one group.

A group of pupils is called class.

A timetable is a list of all subjects and lessons.

A lesson is the period of time when you learn something about a subject.

Humanities is a subject in which you learn both History and Geography.

Assembly is the meeting where you get information about special activities in the morning.