Free Time/What's the time?

Aus ZUM-Unterrichten

If you want to tell what you do in your free time, you often need to say when you do it.


This is a clock! A clock has a face and two hands.

When the minute hand moves, it shows the number of minutes past the hour.

If the number of minutes is higher than 31, you count up to the next hour.

What's the time?
zufällige Zeiten

What time is it?

Breezeicons-apps-32-preferences-system-network-ntp.svg It's three o'clock.
Horloge.svg It's five o 'clock.
Clock 08-00.svg It's eight o'clock.

Die volle Stunde wird mit dem Zahlwort und o' clock (of the clock) gebildet.

Clock1.svg It's quarter past twelve.
Klukkan hálfþrjú.svg It's half past two.
Klukkan korter í fjögur.svg It's a quarter to four.

Bei Viertel- und halben Stunden werden oft nicht die Minuten, sondern die Wörter „(a) quarter“ und „half “verwendet.

Interactive exercises

Match the times and the clocks!

AnalogClockAnimation1 still frame.svg
It's twenty-two past twelve.
It's five to twelve.
Modern clock chris kemps 01.svg
It's five past eleven.
Station Clock.svg
It's twenty to four.
Klukkan fimm mínútur í hálfsex.svg
It's twenty-five past five.
Relogio02 15.svg
It's a quarter past two.

What time is it? Write the correct time!

Clock 01-15.svg
It's a quarter past one|quarter past one().
Clock 02-30.svg
It's half past two().
Clock 03-45.svg
It's quarter to four|a quarter to four().
Clock 07-25.svg
It's twenty-five past seven().
Clock 07-50.svg
It's ten to eight().
Clock 11-55.svg
It's five to twelve().


What's the time?
zufällige Zeiten


What watch?

Be careful! This isn't correct!

Still needed?

In the 2010s, some United Kingdom schools started replacing analogue clocks in halls with digital clocks because an increasing number of pupils were unable to read analogue clocks. Smartphone and computer clocks are often digital rather than analogue, and proponents of replacing analogue clock faces argue that they have become technologically obsolete. However, reading analogue clocks is still part of American elementary school curricula; proponents of analogue clocks argue that their inclusion in the curriculum reinforces basic mathematical concepts that are taught in elementary school.[1]