Free Time/My hobbies

Aus ZUM-Unterrichten

an interview

A: Ask your partner about his or her day.

B: Give short answers!

Hannes, do you like football? - Yes, I do.

Emily, do you go shopping in your free time? - Yes, I do.

Vanessa, do you go shooting? - No, I don't.

Toni, do you go dancing? - No, I don't.

Now ask about a 3rd person.

Does Hannes like football? - Yes, he does.

Does Emily go shopping in your free time? - Yes, she does.

Does Vanessa go shooting? - No, she doesn't.

Does Toni go dancing? - No, he doesn't.

word order

Make correct sentences. Use the right word order. (Häufigkeitsadverbien (Adverbs of Frequency) stehen im Englischen immer vor dem Verb.)

S - Adv of Frequency -V - O

0. Jay’s parents don’t like his music.

1. Jay's sister doesn't like Arsenal.

2. She plays with her in my garden every day.

3. My friends don't play netball with me every day.

Can you form questions? - give it a try:

4. Moritz, do you play football in your free time?

4. Where does Emily play tennis on Sundays?

5. When can we play football together?

6. Why don't you exercise more often?


A. Put in My – your – his – her.

Setze die fehlenden Wörter ein.

a.   “Hello. I’m Rafael. What’s your name?” – “My name is Jaro.”

b.   “Is that Mr Copper, the German teacher?” – “No, his name isn’t Mr Copper. It’s Mr Cooper!”

c.   “Where’s Emily? Maxi and Mini are in the playground!” – “Oh, your dogs are crazy!”

d.   “Here’s my homework, Mr Cooper.” – “Thank you, Mashura.”

e.   “Is Mrs Mora nice?” – “Oh, yes, her lessons are good.”

B. Put in possessives.     ( my, your, his, her, its, our, your, their)

Hello Daniel,

my() name is John. This is my() friend Jason. He's 12. His() sister is nine. Her() pet is a budgie. His|Its() name is Dickens. We go to the same school. There are 450 boys and girls in our() school. Jason's class teacher is Mrs. Peterson. She's nice. Her() pet is a turtle. I like our() class teacher. He's nice, too. His() pets are five dogs. They like to play in his() big garden. Now I have a question for you. What's your() pet?

Yours, John

C. Be careful with it's and its! Fill in the correct words.  

1 What's the time? - It's quarter to one.

2 It's time to give the cat its food.

3 Where is my pen? - It's on the desk.

4 Can you see my house? - It's near the park. Its windows are blue.

5 My hamster doesn't like the wheel in its cage. It's too small.

6 Where's the rabbit? - It'sin its hutch.

7 Hurry up! It's your turn now.