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A walk around Wharram Percy was originally written by Colin Beswick for Year 7 students studying Medieval Realms in Key Stage 3 History. He wrote it as a Genesis application for use on RISC OSW-Logo.gif(English) computers (that long ago!) and later converted it to a PowerPoint slide show. He has agreed to publish it here under a CCN-License. It can still be seen in its original form (web.archive.org).

These pages provide a source of information about medieval village life in general and are not a specific study of Wharram Percy village. It was written to provide extra information for students doing a research topic on medieval village life. It is not meant to compete with the official Wharram Percy Site (thoroughly recommended).

Bilingual history

Bilingual history is supposed to teach history in English for ESL learners. One of the main benefit is a greater input in written and spoken English. But, however, too many difficult and obsolete English expressions disrupt reading and unterstanding the texts for learners in their third year of English. Thus the texts have been simplified. Some old obsolete expressions like skillet have been replaced by contemporary words (here: cauldron).

A modern learning path

A Walk through Wharram Percy has been turned into a learning path.

The texts have been adapted and transferred into this Wiki by Class 7a of the Johannes-Scharrer-Realschule Hersbruck. Historical terms have been collected in a glossary, more difficult English words are explained in footnotes.

The pictures used are all in the Public Domain. They are either embedded from Wikimedia Commons or drawn in SVG by ourselves.

After each text there are interactive excercises which have been created with the R-Quiz. This quiz framework turns simple texts and tables into quizzes.