Wharram Percy/Manor House

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  1. Read the text.
  2. Do the interactive exercises.

Would you like to go up and have a look at the Manor House, my cousin Katie is a kitchen maid. If we go to the kitchen door she will show us around as the Lord and Lady are out hunting today.

Lets go inside and have a look around.

A Tour around the House

the Great Hall

The Great Hall in Barley Hall, York, restored to show as it was around 1483

the Kitchen

We are preparing for a banquet[1] tonight. There will be 50 guests from all over the county. If you look into the Great Hall you can imagine what it will be like. We have to cook 3 oxen, 4 pigs, 2 sheep, 10 geese, 5 swans and 5 peacocks[2]. Its all very spicy, things like ginger and hot pepper from the East. They are very expensive. There will be 10 casks of ale and 100 bottles of wine from France. All the plates and bowls are made of pewter[3]. There are knives and spoons but most will eat with their fingers.

The Bedroom

This is the main bedroom, I was on my way up here to sweep it out when you arrived. But Lady Matilda is in the room, she hasn’t gone hunting after all, so I will have to come back later. It gives me time to show you a little more. Its very bare apart from the bed but I think you will agree its a lot more comfortable than Kitty's house.

Interactive exercises

animals and their meat

When the Normans conquered England in 1066 they brought their French language and cooking recipes with them. So animals have kept their Germanic names, but the meat has got French ones. Find the pairs:

pig /swine pork
cow beef
chicken poultry
sheep mutton
deer venison
veal calf of a cow

  1. banquet = festivity with lots of foods
  2. a peacock: Pfau imponierend.jpg
  3. pewter = a kind of metal, tin