Wharram Percy/A Knight's Tale

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Look across to the hill you can see squires practising swordsmanship near the castle. We see a lot of this as the Baron's castle is close to the manor. Their armour, called chain mail, is made of interlocking iron rings making it easier to move.

Knights practising sword fighting

Knights are skilled horse soldiers who have been given their Manors by the Baron in return for serving in the army. Knights are trained in chivalry from about the age of 7 when they become a page, at 14 he will become a squire and continue with his education as a gentleman, learning about religion, and also learning how to fight with lance and sword. A successful squire will be knighted by the Baron or even the King in a ceremony where he swears to fight for God, his King and to be chivalrous.

One of the best things about living near the castle is that we can go to the tournaments where the knights display their skills.


Jousting is a very popular entertainment up at the castle. Knights charge at each other along opposite sides of a barrier and try to knock each other off their horse. A knight often jousted to show his love for a lady and wore her "gage", often a scarf. It's very dangerous. Several knights have been killed jousting at Percy castle.

Knights jousting at a tournament

Jousting like most medieval pastimes have a serious side too. They are ways of practising the skills they will need in battle.

Interactive exercises


Complete the text by dragging the green fields!

Every boy dreamt of becoming a knight. This, however, took years of hard work.

At the age of 7 they became a page and had to clean the stables, saddle the horses and clean the weapons.

At 14 he will become a squire. A successful squire will be knighted by the Baron or even the King in a ceremony where he swears to fight for God, his King and to be chivalrous.

What a life!

Knights and squires have different rights and tasks. Sort them!

A knight …

must fight for his king help the poor protect women and children
needn't make his own weapons do the housework work on the fields
mustn't lie to his king torture his men run away in a battle

A squire …

had to feed his knight's horse clean his knight's weapons learn how to fight
didn't have to cook the meals learn how to sew sleep in the stable
wasn't allowed to speak badly about his knight marry a lady forget his knight's weapons


Find the pairs:

Armour with chain mail (29849299852).jpg armour
Battle axe medieval.svg battle axe
Medieval helmet icon.svg helmet
Early Man in Britain and His Place in the Tertiary Period - Fig. 134.—Bronze Spear-head, Heathery Burn.png lance
WA archery target with arrows.jpg long bow
Royal Arms of England.svg shield
Autorpg-sword.png sword


Can you do the a crossword puzzle? All the words are from unit 2!

If you click on the numbers, an input field will open!

shield wooden plate to protect against sword cuts
helmet medieval headwear
sword (much) bigger than a knife
armour protective clothing (made of iron)
archery shooting with bows and arrows
knives weapon to cut and stab (plural)