Aus ZUM-Unterrichten

  1. Read the story and translate it.
  2. Open the Weather forecast. Find out about the weather in …
    1. Edinburgh
    2. Inverness
    3. Ben Nevis
    4. Compare it with your hometown. Is ist warmer or colder?
  3. If you want to revise weather words, complete the interactive exercises!

It's rather changeable, isn't it?

The Highlands Scotland United Kingdom Landscape Photography (107933971).jpeg

In England it's difficult to say what the weather will be like. In Scotland it's even more difficult. On the day when Mr McDuff and I went to Loch Lomond the weather was lovely. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and you could smell spring in the air. What fantastic scenery!

"I wonder whether the good weather will last," I said. "I didn't have time to listen to the weather forecast this morning."

The Scotsman looked at me. 'I never listen to the forecast. I don't need to." He pointed across the water. "If you can see across the loch it's going to rain. If you can't, it's raining!"

Weather forecast

  • BBC weather
    (You must enter the location into the search field.)

Interactive exercises

Weather Words

Put in the matching sets!

Weather-rain-thunderstorm.svg thunderstorm
Weather-showers-scattered.svg clouds and rain
Sunandclouds.svg sun and clouds
Weather-snow.svg snowing
Weather-showers-scattered-black-ice.svg (black) ice
Weather-fog.svg fog
Weather-sun-clouds-hard-shower.svg hard shower
Weather-clear.svg clear & sunny

What's the weather like?

Find the correct words.

Look, the sun is shining! It's sunny! The weather is nice!

There's strong wind blowing - It's very windy.
That's perfect weather for flying a kite.

Look, there's a dark cloud in the sky. The weather isn't nice anymore.
Soon (bald) it's raining.

Weather-rain-thunderstorm.svg Oh my god - there's a thunderstorm coming!
There's is lightning and thunder.
That's really terrible weather!


Put in opposites (≠)

terrible wonderful
warm cool
hot icy
dry rainy
windy calm
bright dark
cloudy sunny

Put in words with the same meaning (synonyms) (=)

terrible awful
warm cool
very cold icy
wet rainy
windy stormy
light bright
cloudy sunny