Scotland/Highland Games

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Highland games are events held in spring and summer in Scotland and other countries as a way of celebrating Scottish culture, especially that of the Scottish Highlands.

  1. Watch the videos and read the texts.
  2. Then do the Interactive Exercises and check if you've understood everything.

Heavy Events

In the heavy events the men compete to show who is strongest.

Putting the stone

Tossing the caber

Tug of War

Tug of war (also known as tug o' war) is a sport that pits two teams against each other in a test of strength: teams pull on opposite ends of a rope, with the goal being to bring the rope a certain distance in one direction against the force of the opposing team's pull.

The sport was part of the Olympic Games from 1900 until 1920, but has not been included since.

Hill race

Dumyat Hill Race - - 1563708.jpg

Hill races see runners trying to get to the top of a local hill as quickly as possible, any way they choose. This Highland Games event can test even experienced runners due to the uneven terrain and the steepness of many of the hills.

Interactive Exercises

Highland Games

Find the matching sets!

Caber 05Tac 001.jpg Tossing the caber
Weight throw, 2002 Celtic Festival.jpg Throwing the hammer
Highland games wrestling 2.JPG wrestling
Stone put.jpg putting the stone
Bagpipe.jpg bagpiping
Highland Dancing Competition - Dornoch Highland Gathering 2007.jpg Higland dancing
Highland games tug of war 2.JPG Tug of War

higher, faster, stronger

These exercises are about comparing adjectives.

Put in the correct words.

My stone is bigger than yours! - My stone is the heaviest of all!

My sport is more interesting than yours. Putting the stone isn’t as interesting as Tossing the Caber.

Complete the sentences. You have to compare the adjectives.

McDuff boasted: "I can throw the stone higher than you!"

O'Connor replied: "Maybe I can't throw as high as you, but certainly farther than anyopne else.

"You're the biggest liar in all of Scotland! You're not as good as I am."

Let's do a competition to see who is better than you and who ist best!

Complete the sentences. You have to compare the adjectives.

The next day all the clans met. McDuff had a very heavy stone. He told McDonald: My stone is heavier(heavy) than your stone." - No, my stone is as big(big) as yours."

"Now, let's see who is the strongest (strong) of all. I'm better (good) than everyone else!"

He took the stone, swung it between his legs and threw it forcefully across the field. But alas, the distance was shorter (short) than McDonald's.

Then he put a long(long) piece of wood in his hand. This is a caber! I'm going toss it across the field. This is more difficult(difficult) than putting the stone because you have to throw it in one direction.

He lifted the caber. It was longer(long) than a big ladder and much heavier(heavy).