Past Simple/Regular Forms

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Auf dieser Seite findest Du Übungen zum Past Simple und den regelmäßigen Formen mit -ed (regular forms with -ed).

  1. Read the text.
  2. Do the interactive exercises.

Interactive Exercises


How are the words pronounced? Sort them!

[t] worked helped stopped watched
[d] phoned arrived stayed enjoyed
[ɪd] needed waited invited braided

Regular Forms

Find the pairs!

need needed
walk walked
call called
finish finished
am, is, are was, were
trip tripped

Yesterday Morning

Put the words in the gaps. (Drag & Drop)

Yesterday I called my uncle. He walked to our house.

Then he helped me with the homework.

When we finished it, we watched TV.

A Walk in the Park

Put the words in the gaps.

A taxi stopped (stop) and asked (ask) if we wanted (want) to go with him.
But my uncle Rudolph tried (try) to keep fit. He planned (plan) a walk in the park.
Uncle Rudolph jogged(jog) along and suddenly he tripped (trip) over a stone.
When I helped (help) him up I discovered (discover) 10.000$ on the street.

Robin and his outlaws

Put in these verbs in the past tense.

Robin Hood was (be) an outlaw. He and his men lived (live) in Sherwood Forest.
In those days Sherwood Forest was (be) very big. Nottingham was (be) a small town. But it had (have) a big castle - and it had (have) a Sheriff.
There were (be) a lot of poor people in England then. They needed (need) things for their families but they had (have) no money. Robin liked (like) them and often helped (help) them.

He and his men sometimes stopped (stop) people on the Nottingham road.
        "Give us your money!" they called (call). "We are collecting for the poor people of Nottingham!"
Nobody wanted (want) to give money to Robin. But there was (be) no way out! They opened (open) their purses, and the outlaws collected (collect) their money.
At the end of the day Robin counted(count) all the money.

Robin’s guest

Put in these verbs in the past tense.

1. Robin’s men live(lived) near the Nottingham road.
2. Suddenly a man walked(walk) down the road.
3.Little John invited(invite) him to eat with them.
4.Sir Gilbert was(to be) Robin’s guest because he liked(like) him very much.
5.Thieves stole his money and he only had(have) 30 pence.
6.Sir Gilbert went(go) home in the evening.

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