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Fragen und Verneinungen mit did / didn't

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Write the verbs into the gaps. Choose if you need positive or negative statements.

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Yesterday I finally tidied (tidy) up my room. I didn't throw (not, throw) away those old magazines under my desk.

Then I went (go) to Jenny. We wanted (want) to work together. But we didn't do (not, do) the homework. We didn't learn (not, learn) the irregular verbs either.

When I came (come) home I started (start) to do it but then I didn't finish (not, finish) because my aunt came over.

What did you do last weekend?

Complete the conversation. For (???) find words of your own.

Liz: You weren't (not, be) here at the weekend. Where did you go (you/go) ?

Tom: Oh, sorry! I didn't tell (not, tell) you before. We were (to be) on a farm in the country.

Liz: Oh, that's nice. Did you enjoy (you/ enjoy) it?

Tom: No, it wasn't (???) too great. It rained (rain) a lot. But I love all the little lambs and the ponies.

Liz: Did you ride (you/ride) one of them?

Tom: Yes, I did (???). I didn't want (not, want) to get down again.

Liz: Did (???) Sarah and Kim go with you?

Tom: No, they didn't (???). They stayed in Nottingham.

Liz: How did you get (you/get) there?

Tom: We all went (go) in the car. It's about two hours.

Liz: And how long did you stay (you/stay) there?

Tom: Just for the weekend. We went (go) on Friday evening.

Liz: When did you come (you/come) home?

Tom: About 9.30 last night. I didn't phone (not, phone) you because I was (be) really tired.