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Interactive Exercises

Basic level

Move the words into the gaps:

1. I will see him tomorrow.

2. After work everyone will wash his hands.

3. Yes, she will lend him money.

4. We will ask him for some apples.

5. They won't buy a new computer if the old one isn't broken.

6. If you want a good one, it will cost a lot of money.

7. Lisa is in America. Jim will wait for her.

8. Finn will work harder for the next text.

9. John will speak to him about his grades.

Intermediate level

Form sentences with will-future. Put the words into the gaps:

0. You will get (get) the ticket at the office.

1. They will clean (clean) the bathroom tomorrow.

2. It rains. They won't have (not, have) a nice holiday.

3. I will buy (buy) some cakes for your birthday.

4. The people are late. We won't start (not, start) at 5 o'clock.

5. I will stay (stay) at home tonight.

6. I think she won't invite (not, invite) me.

7. Paul will mow (mow) the lawn.

8. Tina accepted my invitation. I will take (take) her to the cinema.

Advanced level

Form sentences with will-future. Put the words into the gaps:

1. When will you post(you, post) your parcel?

2. Where will you meet(you, meet) her?

3. What will John do(John, do) during his holidays?

4. Where will he stay(he, stay) next week?

5. What will you buy(you, buy) at the supermarket?

6. What will you have(you,have) for dinner?

7. Next month Charles will open a pub.

8. They will not buy the latest pop record, but they will buy the latest magazine.

9. Will they walk or will they go by car?

10. It will be a dull day here at Wembley.

11. I will agree to my sister's suggestion.