Past Simple/Irregular Forms

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Past Simple Übung 2 (irregular forms)

Simple Past - MEMO QUIZ

Find the pairs!

fall fell
feel felt
know knew
think thought
wear wore

Here's another set of pairs!

catch caught
feel felt
make made
do did
say said


Beim Klick auf die Ziffern im Kreuzworträtsel öffnet sich ein Eingabefeld zum Eintragen. Trage die simple past forms der Verben ein!

slept simple past form von: sleep
worried simple past form von: worry
heard simple past form von: hear
woke simple past form von: wake
thought simple past form von: think
forgot simple past form von: forget
bought simple past form von: buy

My last holidays

Put in the irregular forms.

Last year we spent our holidays on Rügen. My family and I rode our bikes every day.

One day my sister had a flat tyre but my father fixed it. He did a good job!

Then we took our food and sat down under a tree and had a nice picnic.


It is Sunday. Jenny is at home today.  But yesterday she was at the “Tales of Robin Hood”.

Form sentences in simple past.

1. The weather is bad today. But yesterday it was() nice.
2. It is really cold today. But yesterday it was() warm.
3. Dave and Mark are with their parents today.
  But yesterday they were() with Jenny and her father.
4. The Millers usually have lunch at one o’clock.
   But yesterday they had() lunch early.
5. Mark often has sandwiches for tea. But yesterday he had() cake at the snack bar.
6. Ann and her father are often together at weekends. Yesterday they were() together, too.

Multiple Choice

Find the correct form!

At Cape Arkona

Put in the simple past forms - regular and irregular!

Last year my father, my sister and I walked (walk) up a light house.

Then he drove (drive) to Sassnitz and we went (go) by ship to the white cliffs.

After that we climbed (climb) up and looked (look) down on the sea.

There we saw (see) many boats. Then I tripped (trip) over a stone and nearly fell (fall) down! I bought (buy) a bread when I found (find) a dead fish.

My family and I wrote (write) postcards to our friends. The last day we tidied (tidy) up our house and came (come) back home.