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America is well-known for quick and cheap meals. 'Fast food' - such as hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, and cheeseburgers - is common in a nation where people seem to have little time for eating and where home is often no longer the place to have the evening meal with the family.

Breakfast, however, is still often a meal where all the family is together. It is quite similar to the English breakfast.

Lunch in America is typically quick and simple. Time to eat is limited, so elaborate meals don’t make sense. My go to lunch is usually a sandwich and potato chips or fruit. The most common things where I live are the following:

  • left overs from dinner (this can be anything).
  • canned soup
  • salad
  • a sandwich (turkey, ham, roast beef, peanut-butter/peanut-butter and jelly, tuna salad, or chicken salad.) The first three lunch meat options often have cheese slices, lettuce, and tomato.
  • fresh fruit are often included in sides. The most common (although not the only ones) are apples, bananas, grapes, and oranges.
  • fresh raw veggies-carrot sticks, celery sticks, or something like sweet peppers or cucumbers.

When we go out for lunch we can choose everything from tacos to spaghetti.

Dinner (sometimes called 'supper') in the evening usually consists of a main dish like a roast or some other piece of meat grilled or fried, with two or three vegetables to go with the meat. There's often salad, and always bread and butter.

For dessert, there is usually something like ice-cream or pie or cake, and many Americans like to drink a cup of coffee with their dessert. On the whole, people drink coffee rather than tea, and a lot of Americans drink milk with all of their meals.

Soup is hardly ever part of dinner, but people sometimes have a bowl of soup as an 'in-between' meal or late in the evening - quite often with another glass of milk.

Interactive exercises


Beim Klick auf die Ziffern öffnet sich ein Eingabefeld zum Eintragen. Trage die englischen Begriffe ein!

lettuce … is a green vegetable often used for salad
salad It's a mix of different vegetables in a dish with dressing
dressing The "sauce" of a salad
recipe tells you how to cook a meal
pasta maccaroni and spaghetti are
rice Chinese eat lots of …
vegetarian a … doesn't eat meat!
delicious if you taste it and it's good

Flavors, Herbs and spices

How do they taste? Put the words in the gaps:

Chili is hot.

Tabasco is hot and spicy.

Sugar is sweet.

Salt is salty.

3. Use the comparative or superlative:

Sugar is sweeter (sweet) than salt.

Chili is hotter (hot) than pepper.

Basil and parsley is healthier (healthy) than cinnamon.

Tabasco is the hottest (hot) of all chilies.

Indians like the meals spicier (spicy) than Germans.


Put in the correct prepositions

Becky is laying the table. The spoon is on the plate. The knife is next to the spoon.

The fork is opposite the spoon.
The plate is between the spoon and the fork.

The glass is behind the plate.
The candle is in the middle of the table.