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Let's see what we know about international food. Write down the names of the countries or of the people who live there, or the adjectives or languages. (It depends on the sentences.)

Be careful! Names are always Capitalized!.

Example: You can find BAKED BEANS in many supermarkets here in Germany D.

But they are even more popular in Britain|Great Britain|England (GB). American (US) cowboys like them very much, too.

CHILI CON CARNE is a famous Mexican|Mexikan (MEX) dish. Ever tried it?

Lots of people eat MUESLI because it's good for them. It was first made in Switzerland (CH). PIZZA is known world-wide. But of course it comes from Italy (I). And what about SPAGHETTI? The Italians (I) eat lots of it, but in fact they didn't make it first. The famous Italian (I), Marco Polo, brought this food home from China (ROC) hundreds of years ago.

Do you know SMØRREBRØD? You can eat it in Denmark (DK) or in Sweden (S). Cookies and waffles are Dutch words; they were brought from Dutch immigrants from the Netherlands|Holland (NL).

With IRISH STEW it's easy. The name tells us that it comes from Ireland (IRL).

KHEBAB is a famous Turkish (TR) dish. You should try it.English|British (GB) people like FISH very much. But the greatest fish-eaters are the Japanese (J).



Cubbies-Freedom Fries.jpg

One of the most famous vegetable is potato which originally came from South America. The English|British (GB) call fried pieces of them just CHIPS, whereas Americans (US) call them French (F) fries. During the last Iraq war American patriots were angry about the French politicians and wanted to rename them as Freedom Fries but the name didn’t stuck because on one hand the Statue of Liberty itself is a present from France (F). On the other hand it’s really funny because fries actually don’t come from France (F) but from Belgium (B).