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This is a large menu of an American restaurant.

  1. Read it and try to find out what you would like to eat.
  2. Check your knowledge with the exercises.

starters (AmE)/ appetizers

soup of the day:

  • freshly made tomato soup
  • minestrone (Italian vegetable soup)
  • clam chowder (sämige Suppe mit Venusmuscheln)

  • garlic bread
  • egg rolls (in Chinese restaurants)


(mixed greens, vegetables ≠ lettuce)

Tossed Fresh Baby Greens– mixed greens topped with Julienne vegetables and tomatoes, add Montrachet, Feta, or Gorgonzola cheese

Traditional Caesar Salad –river valley farms romaine lettuce with freshly grated parmesan

Spinach Salad — spinach topped with cheese, fresh strawberries, caramelized pecan nuts and raspberry vinaigrette

Iceberg Salad — A wedge of Iceberg lettuce with raisins, dried cranberries, Montrachet cheese, walnuts and thin red onion slices drizzled with curry ranch dressing

Entrée (AmE) / main dish:


  • American hamburger
  • cheeseburger
  • roast beef
  • beef steak (T-bone steak)
    • rare done
    • medium
    • well done
  • chicken drumsticks, chicken wings
  • chicken schnitzel
  • pork chops (cutlet) (very unusual)


  • salmon fillet
  • shrimps in a basket

pasta (noodles)

  • spaghetti with meatballs
  • macaroni with cheese

side orders:

  • bun and butter
  • chips (AmE: French fries)
  • baked potato with sour cream
  • hash browns (wie Kroketten)
  • onion rings
  • buttered corn (Maiskolben)


  • cole slaw (Weißkohlsalat)


  • apple pie (as good as Granny makes!)
  • New York Style cheese cake
  • fruit compote in cognac
  • ice cream (all flavours)

beverages / drinks

all kinds of freshly pressed fruit juices


  • coca cola
  • root beer
  • lemonade


  • draft
    • Guinness, Kilkenny
  • bottled
    • Corona, Fosters


  • red wine
  • white wine
  • Champaign (sparkling wine)


  • tap water (free)
  • mineral spring water

milkshake, cocoa, coffee

Interactive Exercises

Be careful! A menu is a list of a food you can order. A typical menu consists of different courses. A “Menü” is a set menu or a special dish.

Meals and menus

A synonym for appetizer is starter

After the entrée you get dessert.

'Salad is a mix of different fruits or veggies but the veggie itself is called lettuce.

Lunch, breakfast & dinner are meals.

sandwiches are bread with cheese or ham and salad

hamburgers are McDonalds most famous meal (billions served)

Chips are made out of potatoes

Frankfurters and wieners are famous sausages from Germany

Buffalo wings are not buffalo meat but chicken. Their legs are called drumsticks but you can eat all parts of this bird.

12. Fish and shrimps are _______.

14. They are sweet, long and yellow.: _______

15. This is what you call "Chips" in German!: ______

16. I like peanut ______ on my sandwich.:

17. In England lots of people eat fish and _____.

18. You eat it when you go to the cinema.: _______

20. You cook, bake and fry food on it: ____

21. You put the food in____and pans to cook it.

22. ________ _ grow in darkness but you like them on

     pizza and in salads. 

23. If you grill meat in a BBQ you surely need to try out a real

      American   _-____-_____ from free range cows.

24. _____is not a spice but a mixture of many different

      herbs and spices from India.