Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egypt is one of the oldest civilizations. Their pyramides are the only one of the 7 world wonders left. Tombs full of gold and mummies are even today fascinating!


This is a Bilingual History lesson for 2nd year learners (Klasse 6).

  • The input will be an English video or a short text.
  • The outcome may be a quiz, a worksheet or a poster.
    This will be in English but only the facts matter - language mistakes aren't counted!

-- Matthias Scharwies (Diskussion) 07:50, 25. Apr. 2020 (CEST)

Civilization on the river Nile

Ancient Egyptian civilization, which is famous for its colossal pyramides began over five thousand years ago. It was centered around the river Nile and surrounded by the inhospitable Sahara desert. The ancient Egyptians depended on the Nile for everything from water to transportation.

Floods and Irrigation

Though it almost never rains in the Nile River Valley, rains in the far away Ethiopian Highlands cause the Nile River to flood every year. Ancient Egyptians believed that these yearly floods were caused by the tears of the goddess Isis. The floods carried rich soil with them, covering the Nile Delta with fertile soil for growing crops like corn or vegetables. Ancient Egyptians created an elaborate system of ditches and canals to irrigate their crops with the flood waters.


The ancient Egyptians were ruled by the Pharaohs, a title that means Great House. The pharaohs wore a double crown, which represented their rule over Upper and Lower Egypt. When the pharaohs died they were buried in elaborate tombs.


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