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Unknown plants and animals?

Match the pictures and the names!

Cocoa-cropped.jpg cocoa
Variedades de papa.JPG potatoes
Cucurbita moschata Butternut 2012 G2.jpg squash / pumpkin
Maize Corn Cultivars.jpg maize / corn
Madame Jeanette and other chillies.jpg chili pepper
Saccharum officinarum - Köhler–s Medizinal-Pflanzen-125.jpg sugar cane
Plate of a pineapple from Descourtiz, 1877.jpg pineapple
Nicotiana tabacum 0841.jpg tobacco
FruitColors.jpg coffee
Phaseolus vulgaris var. nanus 01.jpg grean beans
Vanilla 6beans (rot. 90 deg.).JPG vanilla beans
Organic home-grown tomatoes - unripe to ripe.jpg tomato
Texas longhorn.jpg cattle
Horse December 2014-1.jpg horse
Wild Turkey (m) (29804649078).jpg Turkey
Guinea-Pig.png.jpg Guinea Pig
Lama LLama Alpaca 06.jpg Lama
Latex dripping crop.png latex / rubber
Strawberry BNC.jpg strawberry

Where are they from?

Sort them into the table.

The "new World"
(The Americas)
guinea pigs turkey rubber cocoa tomato maize (butternut) squash beans chili
The "Old World"
(Europe, Africa and Asia)
horse cattle (cows) coffee sugar cane

Fun facts

Be careful! The strawberry is no a berry but a kind of nut whereas penuts are no nuts but beans.