Writers' Conference

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Version for pupils from grade 7 upwards

  1. Meet in groups of five!
  2. Choose one corner of the room and sit in a circle!
  3. All writers now read out their stories/theses to the others, who listen closely!
  4. The listeners first point out what they liked/what was convincing.
  5. In a 2nd step, they suggest what and how the text / answer could be improved.
  6. Finally, each group chooses its best text, and presents it to the course.

Version for younger pupils

  1. Meet in groups of four children! Sit in circles!
  2. All writers read their stories/sentences! The others listen!
    Are 'who / where / when / what' clear?
    Are the sentences connected?(then, after that, because, and, ... )
  3. The listeners say what they like and what is good.
  4. Then they say what the writer can do better.
  5. Finally, each group chooses its best story! One pupil reads it aloud in class.

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