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  1. Watch the videos! Be careful - you need headphones!
  2. Answer these questions:
  3. Emerald Isle
    1. Why is Ireland called the "Emerald Isle"?
    2. What are the most important features of the landscape / scenery?
  4. The Weather
    1. How do the seasons differ?
    2. what are the hottest temperatures in summer?
    3. What are the coldest temperatures in winter?
    4. What so special about Irish weather? Explain!
  5. Skellig Michael
    1. … the location
    2. … the historic purpose
    3. Why was it chosen for Star Wars? Explain!

The Emerald Isle

(YouTube-Video 4:13)

The Weather

(YouTube-Video 0:56)

Skellig Michael

Interactive Quiz


By now you should have read the pages WebQuest Ireland/Fact File and WebQuest Ireland/Geography.

Tick the right answers. Sometimes more than one answer is correct!

General Information

What's the capital of Ireland? (Dublin) (!Belfast) (!Limerick)

Where is the island of Ireland? (!in the middle of the Atlantic) (!in the North Sea) (!in the North Atlantic) (between the Irish Sea and the Atlantic) (!Between North Sea and Atlantic)

How long is the coastline of Ireland? (!over 3000km) (about 3000km) (!about 300km) (!over 30.000km)

The Republic of Ireland is (nearly) as big as (Bavaria) (!Germany) (!England) (Scotland)

Ireland is called the Emerald Isle because … (!… emeralds are found there) (!… its buildings are green all over) (… it's lush and green from the plentyful rain)

The weather

Ireland's climate is … (maritime) (!continental) (!hot in summer and cold in winter)

Skellig Michael

Skellig Michael is (an island off the coast of Kerry) (!a famous church) (!one of the most famous landmarks of Dublin)

It can be visited … (!every day by ferry) (!by tour buses) (!in the North Atlantic) (only when the weather is appropriate)

A monastery is a place where … (monks live and pray) (!monarch have their holiday) (!mountains have a terraced platform)