Ireland/Working with Words

Aus ZUM-Unterrichten

At the tourist office

Match the words and their explanations.

library place to read books
pub bar / restaurant
parade people marching through the streets
tourist office "Where can I stay?"

Match the words and their explanations.

brochure leaflet, flyer
ticket Underground ticket London Underground 1991.jpg
timetable schedule
dictionary look up new words
map Brisbane map of city cbd.PNG


Fill in the correct words.

In 1847 the potatoes didn't grow and people had nothing to eat: It was the "Great famine.

The Irish eat marmalade - that's jam made of citrus fruits.

A leprechaun is an Irish magical creature.


D. What do the following words mean?

Match the expressions (A-E) with their corresponding definitions (1-6).

Write the correct numbers in the grid below. Be careful: There is one definition that you do not need.

A lonely

B miserable

C embarrassed

D excited

E surprised

1          enthusiastic, looking forward to, a bit nervous

2          having a feeling of shameful discomfort

3          very sad, ill or poor

4          amazed, because sth. unexpected happened

5          unhappy, because of feeling isolated from others

6          something that can’t be told in advance

5() 3() 2() 1() 4()

Find the opposites of the underlined words.

When she arrived in Columbus she felt right at home, but in the evening she was homesick().

Yesterday she laughed. But when she came home she cried() in her pillow.

Everyone was happy but she felt embarassed|embarrassed() because of her clothes.

Be Careful!
Actually it's embarrassed, not embarassed. (


amazing breathtaking
special great
rainy wet
windy stormy