Wales/Castles and Caves

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Last year Sarah’s and Alan's family spent their summer holiday again in Wales. They were staying at a youth hostel in Snowdon in the north of Wales. One day the two children decided to visit the very interesting Merlin's Cave. They walked through the village, went down a small path and left the busy village behind them.

"It’s so exciting here. This wild and dangerous coast was a great place for Merlin the Magician hundreds of years ago," said Alan.

They left the path and went down a lot of steps to a big cave. It was like a tunnel, and very dark, with stones and rocks. When they left the cave on the other side they were in a different world, with a beautiful, small beach. There were no other tourists here because the sea was already near the coast. On one side of the beach there were tall cliffs, on the other there was only the wild sea.

"Razorbills love cliffs". said Alan. "We can climb up here to watch them."

"Okay, but we haven’t got a lot of time. The sea is coming in." They climbed over some rocks and waited. Then they saw the razorbills. The birds caught fish in the sea and carried them back to the young birds on the cliff. It was fun to watch because the birds and the sea were so near. "The sea isn't far from the cave. We really have to be quick", Alan said.

They began to climb over the rocks and back to the cave, but then Alan fell. "Ouch," he shouted. "It's my leg. I can't stand on it." Sarah tried to help him, but it wasn't easy to get to Merlin’s Cave. In the cave, with all its rocks and stones, it was even more difficult for them.  They needed help.  Alan sat on a rock in the cave. "Go and get somebody, Sarah. Please be quick", he said. "The sea is very near now."

"Don’t worry", said Sarah, "I can find help at the youth hostel." Sarah ran up the path and back to the youth hostel. There she came across the other teenagers who helped her to fetch Alan. When Alan was safe he told Sarah: "I've never been in such a dangerous situation before. Thank you for your help."

„✔ Tick whether they are correct, wrong or not in the text (✔)

a. snowdon is in Wales. (true)(!false) (!not in the text)

b. There were many people in Snowdon. (true)(!false) (!not in the text) 

c.  Merlin lived in that cave near the sea. (!true)(!false) (not in the text)                

d. Alan had an accident.   (true)(!false) (!not in the text)

e. Sarah asked Alan to find someone to help her. (true)(!false) (!not in the text)

f. All were happy in the end. (true)(!false) (!not in the text)


Finde the opposites!

hot cold
beautiful ugly
dangerous safe
slow fast
difficult easy
boring exciting
sad happy

Comparisons – Put in the correct forms of the adjectives. Sometimes you may have to add another word.

a.  Sarah is the fastest(fasT) runner in her class.

b.  Sleeping in a bed is more comfortable (comfortable) than sleeping in a tent.

c.  Breaking his leg was the saddest(sad) moment in his life.