Wales/Bigger and Better

Aus ZUM-Unterrichten

  1. Do these interactive exercises. If you want to know how to compare adjectives, see Adjectives/Comparison.

Our Holiday

Use a comparative or superlative form of the adjectives in brackets (). Don't forget: “as … as”, “… than” or “the …”!

`Well, this summer we went to Wales. I think it's one of the most interesting (interesting) countries in the world.

In Cardiff we saw some of the biggest (big) castles in the world and we also drove through some of the most dangerous (dangerous) valleys. Mount Snowdon bigger (big) , more beautiful(beautiful) and in some places more dangerous (dangerous) than any other mountain.

I like it, but I wouldn't like to live there. The traffic is worse (bad) than in Germany.

Which city is better?

Use the words in brackets () to complete the text about famous places in Wales.

Cardiff may be the capital city of Wales but some people say that Swansea is the   best  (good) city in Wales.
Swansea may be smaller ( small) than Cardiff. But Swansea Market, for example, is the biggest(big) indoor market in Wales. The parks are more beautiful (beautiful) than in Cardiff and it is closer(close) to the sea than Cardiff.
The shops are not as(???) expensive (expensive) as in Cardiff.
One of the most famous (famous) Welsh writers was from Swansea. His name was Dylan Thomas.

Mixed Comparisons

Look at the tables on the right and make comparisons.

1. The stadium is more popular (popular) than the cathedral.
2 The castle is the most popular (popular) sight in Cardiff.
3 The weather in Cardiff is better (good) than at the top of Snowdon.
4 The weather in London is the sunniest (sunny) of all today.
5 At the top of Snowdon it’s not as warm as (not, warm) in London.

  1. Cardiff castle
  2. Cardiff stadium
  3. Cardiff cathedral

London           26 °C   ☀️

Cardiff             22 °C ⛅

Snowdown      11 °C 🌧

► 'Put in the correct words.       

My dog is nicer than(???) yours! - My dog is the(???) nicest of all pets!
My dog is more(???) interesting than fish in an aquarium. A fish isn’t as(???) interesting as dogs.