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There is a new pupil in 5D this year. His name is John and he comes from America. He is at JSR for a year.

Interactive exercises

3 Questions about John

Ask questions about John.

0. Does he come from Nottingham? - No, he doesn't, He comes from Chicago.
1. Does he speak  English?  - Of course he speaks English.
2. Does  he  live  in Hersbruck now? - Yes, He lives in Ostbahnstr.!
3. Does  he  play  tennis? - Yes, he plays tennis.
4. Does  he  like football?  - No, he doesn't like football.
5. Does  he  go by  bus  to school? - No, he walks.

Role play: What does John ask?

Can you give John's questions and Vivien's answers? Act little dialogues:

When do we have lunch break?   At 12:50.
When  do  we  have  Art?  - It’s  the fourth lesson on Tuesdays.
What do  you  have in  your  lunchbox? - A sandwich.
What  do  you  do  in  RE? - We talk about God and Life there.
What  do  you  do  on  Saturdays? - We sleep in and don’t go to school.
Do we have English every day? No, we have no English on Thursdays and Fridays.

More questions

Put in 'do', 'does', 'don't', 'doesn't', 'can' or 'can't'.

Do you like Nottingham. John? - Oh yes, I do - you can do a lot of things here.
When does the computer club meet? - Sorry, I don't know. But you can ask Mr Scharwies.
Can I phone my parents, Ms Großhauser? - Yes, you can. Please go out into the hall.
Which subjects does Feline like? - She likes German and Maths, but she doesn't like Art.
Sorry, Samira. I can't see you this afternoon. I must help my dad.
Do you like fish? - Yes, I do but I don't like crabs.
What can we do on Saturday? - Let's go to the cinema.

Make questions and answer them.

you/play the piano         Do you play the piano?  -  No, I don’t          or:   Yes, I do.
b. your English teacher/use a computer  
c. your dad/listen to pop music
d. you and your family/go to the cinema
e. you/do your homework every day
f. you/wear uniform at school
g. you and your friends/have Maths on Thursdays
h. your mum/tidy up your room