Present Perfect/How long …?

Aus ZUM-Unterrichten

Das Present Perfect beschreibt Handlungen, die bis in die Gegenwert andauern oder ein Auswirkung auf sie haben. Wenn man den Anfang dieser Handlungen näher beschreiben will, muss man passende Zeitangaben verwenden:

Infografik: Present Perfect since for

Since steht vor einer Zeitangabe, die einen Zeitpunkt bezeichnet:

It hasn't rained in the Sahara desert since 1989.

For steht vor einer Zeitangabe, die einen Zeitraum bezeichnet:

It hasn't rained in our town for two weeks.

Die Signalwörter since und for können auch im Past Perfect verwendet werden, for auch im Past Simple.

Interactive Exercises

Since or for

Put in since or for!

a. Many people have been out of work for (???) many years.
b. Many people have been out of work since (???) then.
c. She's been teaching at our school since (???) 2001.
d. They've been going to that school for (???) four months now.
e. How long have you been playing the guitar, Tom? - Only since (???) September, dad.
f. We usually have a concert in summer. We've been doing that for (???) six years now, I think.
g. She's been hoping to get into the school band since (???) last term.
h. The school band hasn't been playing well for (???) months now!

another one

Put in the present perfect and since or for to complete the following sentences.

a.  Mary hasn't read(not read) a book for(???) a long time.
b.  Mary's parents haven't given(not  give) her any money for(???) a fortnight (2 weeks).
c.  John hasn't had (not have) a bath since(???) last Sunday.
d.  She hasn't been (not be) to the dentistfor(???)   a year.
e.  It hasn't rained (not rain) here  since(???) the day before yesterday.
f.  Susan hasn't ridden(ride) a horse  since(???) last year.
g.  Susan has been (be) a secretary for(???) over a year.
h.  But she's only been (only,be) in her present job  since(???) the beginning of the month.


a. Have you ever played(play) the piano since(???) you left school?

Already, yet & so far …
Present Perfect - ist doch klar!

Present Perfect

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