Modal verbs/mixed

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Interactive Exercises

Gadgets, Games & more

Put in the correct forms of was/were (not) able to or was/were (not) allowed to.

1. The shop didn't have the CD Kayla wanted, so she wasn't able to() buy it.

2. The assistant in Computer World was nice to the girls. They were allowed to() play games for hours!

3. When they went home it rained, but the bus came immediately, so they were able to keep() keep dry.

4. There was a new game, but it was for adults only. Children weren't allowed to() watch it.

5. Everyone who bought a hamburger at Kennedy’s Fried Chicken was allowed to () have free chips.

6. An English tourist got lost and wasn't able to() find the hotel.

7. The tourist was glad when Lina and Kayla were able to() show her the way.

A new mobile phone

Put in the correct forms of (not) able to or (not) allowed to. Be careful, all tenses!

Kayla: Hey, look what you are able to() do with this mobile phone. Keep information, play games, write and send messages -

Lina: Very useful! Just think. We could send messages quietly in class. You would be able to() help me in Maths tests!

Kayla: Well, maybe that's why we aren't allowed to() take mobiles to school!

Lina: Next week I turn sixteen. Then I will be alllowed to () buy a new mobile phone.