King Arthur/Working with Words

Aus ZUM-Unterrichten


It's important to learn the new vocabulary. But it's not enough to learn their German meanings. In a test you have to work with them actively.
Mostly you have to find synonyms or opposites.
Sometimes you have to retell a story where some words are missing (gap-filling). Sometimes every tenth (or even fifth) word is missing.

  1. Do the interactive quizzes.
  2. Take your English book and revise the words. Sometimes synonyms are given in the right column - sometimes you have to find them on your own.


Find these synonym pairs.

king leader of the country
true correct
perhaps maybe
beautiful lovely
afterwards later
to take his life to kill
choose decide
become husband and wife marry

Put in synonyms (words of the same meaning) of the words in brackets!

0. In 1066 the Normans defeated(beat)     the English in the Battle of Hastings.

1. The Normans lived several (100 years ago) – they lived in the 10th century().

2. When they conquered England, they built many castles(forts).                        .

3.  So they founded (established) many new towns.

4. Sometimes attackers tried to destroy (break) the gates to storm these forts.

5. The Anglo-Saxons raised and slaughtered (pigs) – but on the menu the meat showed up as pork().


Match the opposites.

attack defend
let in keep out
afterwards before
battle, war peace
to live to die
strong weak
clever stupid
enemy friend
safe dangerous

synonyms & opposites

found (founded), establish

find (found), discover

win (won)

lost (lost)

beat (beaten)


village < town < city < capital

hut < house < manor < palace

Leader (supreme leader), king, queen, chief (of a tribe), captain (of a ship)

fort, castle, Hadrian's Wall

warrior helmet, armour (Rüstung), shield, sword [sɔːd], battle axe