If-sentences/Typ 1

Aus ZUM-Unterrichten

Der If-Satz Typ I wird verwendet, wenn unter einer bestimmten Bedingung, die möglich und sehr wahrscheinlich ist, etwas passieren wird.


If it rains, I will stay at home.

If it doesn't rain, I won't stay at home. I will go jogging.

if-clause main-clause
Typ I simple present will +inf

Die Verwendung von simple present im Bedingungssatz scheint einfach, bietet wie in den oberen Beispielen jedoch die Tücke der 3. Person Singular mit dem angehängten -s.


He, She, it …

… -s must fit!

Interactive Exercises

The weather (easy)

Move the words with your mouse.

If the weather is fine, I will go outside.

If the sun shines the whole day, we will make a trip to the zoo.

If the water temperatures get hot, we will go swimming.

If you want to go swimming, I won't get you a cool coca cola.

The weather

Put the words in brackets () in the right form:

If it rains (rain) , I'll get wet.

I 'll get (get) wet if it doesn't stop (not stop) raining. .

If the weather is bad, I won't go|will not go (not go) outside.

If it snows (snow), we will go|'ll go(go) outside.

If there is (be) enough snow, we will have (have) a snowball fight.

What happens if …

What happens if you do this? Complete the sentences.

1. If you are(be) late, your teacher won't be (not be) happy.
2. If you don't eat (not eat), you will get|'ll get(get) hungry!
3. If you eat too much, you will get|'ll get(get) sick.