Goodbye Bayern/Go West

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Look at the pictures.

  1. Describe what you can see.[1]
  2. Explain the message of the two images.
  3. Guess what the left and the right side of the upper picture display.
    Is there a similar order in the lower picture?

100% 100%

  1. Learn about the pioneer experience on the Oregon Trail!
    See: The Oregon Trail
    1. What are "Jumping Off"-cities?
    2. Describe the route of the Oregon Trail
  2. Life on the prairie
    1. Explain what the Homestead Act is.
    2. Describe how houses in the prairie were built. Which materials did the settlers use?
    3. If there's no wood - how did the settlers keep the fire burning?
      Ada McColl in Kansapedia (
    4. How did their way of living differ from life in Germany or the East Coast?


  1. Diese Lerneinheit könnte dafür verwendet werden, das Analysieren und Interpretieren von Bildquellen einzuüben.