Bronze Age Britain

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The Bronze Age is a historical period that was characterized by the use of bronze and other early features of civilization like ceramics or weaving textiles. In Europe it started circa 3200BC and ended with the use of iron around 600BC.


This is a Bilingual History lesson for 2nd year learners (Klasse 6).

  • The input will be an English video or a short text.
  • The outcome may be a quiz, a worksheet or a poster.
    This will be in English but only the facts matter - language mistakes aren't counted!

-- Matthias Scharwies (Diskussion) 07:50, 19. Apr. 2020 (CEST)

Life in a Bronze Age settlement

smelting copper

You can produce bronze by smelting copper and alloying it with tin, arsenic, or other metals. Bronze itself was harder and more durable than other metals available at the time, allowing Bronze Age civilizations to gain a technological advantage.

Read the statements and tick the right anwser!

Which metals are used to make bronze? (copper and tin) (!silver and gold) (!copper and iron) (!tin and aluminium)

Copper was (bright and shone in the sun) (As it aged it became covered in patina) (!It was hard enough to make better weapons)

Bronze is … (harder than copper) (!so shiny you can use it as a mirror) (!cheaper than copper)

The Bronze Age lasted: (!longer than the stone age) (!a few hundred years) (a few thousand years) (!twenty to thirty years)

Copper was found inside rocks.  Removing the impurities was handled by (!breaking shards off the rock) (!washing off the sand and dirt) (heating to high temperature using charcoal)


How did they build Stonehenge? Put in the correct words into the gaps.

The stones were brought from a quarry 20miles away.

Wooden rolls were laid in front of the stone. Then big ropes were tied around the stone. Many men pulled the stone across the countryside.

Other men dug a hole into which the stone was put. Then they built a ramp next to the stone and pulled the next stone up.

Construcción megalito.png

A bit more difficult, but really funny (if you get the jokes!)