Adjectives/Comparison with Good, better and worse

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Manche Adjektive werden beim Steigern durch andere (Adjektiv-) formen ersetzt.

Positiv Komparativ Superlativ
good better (the) best
bad worse (the) worst
little (wenig) less (the) least
much / many more (the) most
far farther / further farthest / furthest

Interaktive Übungen

Ausnahmen (good, better, the best)

Put the adjectives into the gaps:

Which dog do you like better than the others? Which do you like best of all?

Dave the Great Dane is a good guardian but if want a dog who looks after your house Billy the Beagle will be better!

Pauline, the Poodle, won the best price at a pet competition.

Write the adjectives into the gaps:

Ralph the Raven always thinks he's the best (good) of all birds.

I like Pitt the pigeon better (good) than the other birds, but she can't speak as well as the other birds.

Everyone knows about speaking parrots but a Raven is as good as (good) a parrot in learning to speak.

What's the weather like?

Be Careful!
Neben der Steigerung mit much …, more …;, the most … kann man auch little mit less und least steigern!

► Complete the following dialogue.

Mrs Casey: I'm sure the weather will be good (gut) tomorrow.
Mr Brandy: I think it'll be better(besser) than today.
Mrs Casey: Well, it might be a bit(ein wenig) cloudy.
Mr Brandy: The weather was less (weniger) warm last week, wasn't it? And we had rain too.
Mrs Casey:   You're right. Friday was the worst (der schlimmste) day of the week - it was cold and windy.
Mr Brandy: I think Thursday was worse(schlimmer). Friday was one of the best(der besten) days of the week. We had the least(den wenigsten) rain.

far→ farther, further / next - nearest

► Put in the correct word from this list.

"Excuse me. Where's the nearest tube station?"
"Oh no, the bus has just left. Can you tell me when the next bus goes to the city centre?" - "I'm sorry, but that was thelast bus."
"Are there any further questions before we leave?" - "Yes, which is farther away, the Waldorf-Astoria or the Plaza?"
"Have you heard the latest news? Tom is getting married next week."