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Our Holiday

► Use a comparative or superlative form of the adjectives in brackets. Don't forget: “as … as”, “… than” or “the …”!

`Well, this summer we went to the USA. I think it's one of the most interesting (interesting) countries in the world.

In New York City we saw some of the tallest (tall) buildings in the world and we also drove through some of the most dangerous (dangerous) parts of the city. New York is bigger (big) , more beautiful(beautiful) and in some places more dangerous (dangerous) than any other city.

I like it, but I wouldn't like to live there. The traffic is worse (bad) than in Germany.

After three days we left New York and went to California, where we visited some National Parks. In Sequoia Park we saw the oldest (old) and tallest (tall) trees in the world. Some of them are taller than (tall) 350 feet, and they are more than (much) 3,000 years old. It was the most wonderful (wonderful) holiday I've ever had.'

Which city is better?

Mr Loud from San Francisco and Mr Bigmouth from New York start to talk about their hometowns.

► Complete the text.

Mr B: New York is the greatest (great). It's not only the biggest (big) U .S. city,

        but also the most important (important) one.

Mr L: It's true that we have fewer (few) people, but we don't want as (???) many

        as you have. Everybody knows that San Francisco is far more beautiful(beautiful) than New York.

        Or do you really think your Brooklyn Bridge is more beautiful (beautiful) than the Golden Gate?

Mr B:     Don't say anything against the Brooklyn Bridge. It's just more famous than (famous) any of your bridges.

    By the way, I hope you know that the Empire State Building is one of the tallest (tall) office buildings in the world.

Mr L:     To hell with your skyscrapers! Even New Yorkers come to us because San Francisco is a much friendlier (friendly) city than their own ...

Mixed Comparisons

► Complete and answer these questions.

a. Which month is warmer (warm) , April or July?

    July is usually the warmest () month in the year, but sometimes it isn't as warm as () a hot day in spring.

b. Which is faster(fast), a plane or a train?

    Planes are faster than () trains but the TGV, the fastest () train

    of the world can be faster than () propeller planes.

c. Which is worse (bad), a headache or flu?

    Usually a headache isn't as bad as () the flu but sometimes a migraine attack

    can be the worst () experience of your life.

d. Which is easier(easy), an English test or a maths test?

    English is the easiest () subject with our exercises.

e. Which is more interesting (interesting), watching TV or reading a book?

    I'm not so into books, so I think films are more interesting () than books.

f. Which do you think is better (good) , ice-cream or chocolate cake?

    I like ice cream best () of all.

g. Which is more expensive (expensive), a flat or a bungalow?

    Normally a flat isn't as expensive as () a bungalow. The most expensive house () in the world is    a 27 storey glass tower in Mumbai, India with a whopping $2 billion cost of construction.