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  1. Watch the movie.
  2. What would you do, if you won a million? - If I won a million, I would ...
  3. Do the interactive exercises.

Unter einer bestimmten Bedingung, die möglich, aber eher unwahrscheinlich ist, wird etwas passieren.


If it rained, I would stay at home.

If I were you, I wouldn't go out today.

if-clause main-clause
Typ II simple past would + inf


Muss nach I (und auch he, she, it) nicht was anstelle von were stehen?

Genau genommen wird hier nicht Simple Past, sondern der subjunctiveWikipedia-logo.png, eine Konditional-Form, verwendet. Sie entspricht dem Infinitiv; nur bei to be werden alle Formen mit were gebildet:

correct If I were rich, I would buy my own island.

correct If he were here right now, he would help me.

Dies gilt aber nur bei unmöglich zu erfüllenden Bedingungen, nicht bei normalen Möglichkeiten, die passiert sind oder wahr sind:

incorrect If I were rude to you, I apologize.

correct If I was  rude to you, I apologize.

Interactive Exercises

The weather (easy)

Move the words with your mouse into the gaps.

If the sun came out , I would go outside.

I would get wet if it rained.

If my neighbours were at home, I would visit them.

The weather

Put the words in brackets () in the right form into the gaps:

If it was (be) colder, it would be (be) snowing.

If it snowed (snow) enough, the snow would cover (cover) the ground.

If I were (be) you, I would have (have) a snowball fight.

Past Simple Forms

In the if-clause you need the forms of Past Simple. Here a crossword puzzle with some of the irregular forms.

If you click on the numbers, a dialog box will show you the infinitve.

knew know
fell fall
felt feel
said say
lost lose
understood understand
caught catch
thought think