How to give a one-minute-talk

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When you are expected to give an explanation, to take a position or to argue for and against something you will only have a few moments to make up a response.

If you have to give a short prepared talk, you can do some work before:

  1. Write down some keywords or phrases that represent central ideas.
  2.  Put your words and/or phrases into a logical order.
  3. Practise your talk first. Speak as fluently as possible.
  4.  Keep an eye on your notes.

It is useful to record your talk on your mobile phone. Listen to it and find out which passages need improvement. Then repeat your talk several times.

As you get better at preparing and giving talks reduce your preparation time. Try to keep the words in mind and don’t write them down any longer.

When you give your short talk, listen carefully to the question or topic. You should know exactly what to talk about before you start.

  1. State the topic clearly in the first sentence.
  2. Describe the situation briefly.
    If you talk about a controversial subject give arguments for and against the issue.
  3. Mention the position you want to take precisely in the last sentence of your talk.
  4. If you talk about a complicated topic give the audience a brief outline of your talk.
  5. Sum up what you have said at the end of your talk.