How to draw a Poster

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  • What is your Topic? => Clear and easy-to-remember headline!
  • Collect what you want to write on your poster on a sheet of paper first! (Mindmap?)
  • Less is more! If there is too much on your poster, it will be difficult to read!
  • How big will your poster be? Draw a sketch of your poster first:
    • What will be where? How big can my headline, pictures, texts be?
  • Divide your poster either horizontally (halves) and/or vertically (two or more columns) into parts! => Place your material within those sections. Give your poster a clear structure!
  • Write the single parts of your texts / draw your illustrations on smaller sheets of paper first! Fix them on the poster at the end!
    • If you make a mistake, you needn’t write it all again!
    • Different people can work on different parts at the same time!
    • You can first try where you want to put the single parts and how ‘big they may be’.
  • Use clear and rather ‚big’ letters for what you write (min. 1 cm high/ 18 pt).
  • If you use pictures and colours, be careful! Don’t use too many different colours! Use the same ones e.g. for all headlines … Ask yourself:
    • What does this picture show/explain? Is it big enough and easy to understand?
    • Can people easily ‘read’ the colourful letters against the background of the poster?

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