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Choose a product that is interesting or unusual.
  1. Decide who your ad is for.
  2. Choose a good photo. The photo should speak for itself.
  3. The text should be simple and the message should be clear. The text should speak to the reader, so use questions and imperatives.


Make and design your ad.

  1. Choose your product.
  2. Think: What is good about the product or event? What kind of people should buy the product or take part in the event (for example teenagers, adults, people interested in fashion, romantic people,...)?
  3.   Choose pictures or photos.
  4. Write the text. Think of a catchy slogan.
  5.  Make a draft of the ad. You can use a computer or a large piece of paper.
  6.  Check your draft. Has it got all the important information? Check the spelling too.

Your ad must be finished by Feb 7, 2021!