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Window shopping - Where is it?

Move the words with your mouse.

Last weekend we went to the shopping-centre. We parked our car in the car park. We didn't know where to go but then we saw a sign which said main entrance and entered.
It was Sunday so all the shops were closed but we could look into the windows. There where special offers everywhere.
In the food court there is a great restaurant. Ususally it's busy in there, but as it was Sunday there were many free seats.

Complete the sentences

The waiter asked us: "Do you need any help?"
We wanted something to eat but didn't know what so we asked "Can we have some more time?"
The waiter left and went somewhere else.
When we decided on something we look for him but he was nowhere to be seen.

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trainers sports shoes
sign there's the name on a neon ...
smoking Cigarettes are bad for you. So "No ..."
corner where two streets meet
price "how much is it?" asks for the ...
escalator Take the lift or the...!
window-shopping "Just looking" - the shops are closed
great super, good
sweatshirt pullover