Fashion/Styles, Colours and Patterns

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  1. Take a look into your wardrobe. Try to find out from what your clothes are made (wool, nylon, cotton).
    • Then find the English names for colours, styles and patterns.
  2. Add them to your mindmap about all words belonging to the world of fashion.
  3. Do the interactive exercises on the bottom of the page.

Words for materials and fabrics can be either nouns or adjectives.

natural: silk cotton  velvet corduroy denim leather wool  suede

synthetic:   rayon  nylon   polyester   acrylic  acetate

Here are some adjectives for describing people's clothing or their appearance.

How things fit:     baggy                  loose                    tight

Style:                     short-sleeved / long-sleeved       sleeveless       V-neck      turtleneck      pleated       double-breasted

General:                elegant       trendy        well dressed      old-fashioned         messy    casual    formal (for the office or a wedding) grungy (informal)

Interactive exercises


Can you put the items into the correct group?

punk ripped jeans safety pin in your ear dyed-green, spiky hair torn boots
casual wear polo shirt and pants short-sleeved shirt sneakers a pair of elegant jeans
formal wear
(in the office)
three-piece suit
white shirt and tie
cocktail dress high heels elegant costume

Getting dressed

Here are some verbs and phrases associated with clothing.

These jeans are much too loose! Do you want me to wear it baggy-style?
I usually wear jeans, but I also like to dress up/get dressed up for parties.
But don't overdo it. If you are the only one in an elegant dress, you'll get stares instead of smiles.
Even worse would be a white shirt and tie - go casual with a polo and jeans.


Match the following material with the item they are most likely to be associated with from the box.

satin ribbon  

cashmere sweater

leather boots

nylon jogging suit

cotton T-Shirt

corduroy pants


Don't just use the primary colors (red, yellow, blue). Describe pictures using more "colorful" color names!

tropical watermelon
deep reddish brown
yellowish green
pale green
dark brown


Paisley-cropped.jpg Paisley
Abercrombietartan publiek domein.png Plaid
Checkered board ZUM.svg checkerboard


Polka dot ZUM.svg Polka dots
striped across