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You're nearly there! Being invited to a job interview is a good sign of success! Now you have to regard some do's and don'ts until you can sign the contract.

  1. Watch the video!
    1. Make notes what to do and what not to do dsuring an interview.
  2. Complete the interactive exercises.

Interactive Exercises

Do's and Don'ts

An old teacher advised me what to say during a job interview. Report what he said.

Attention: Some of these sentences are orders and requests.

1. Don't be late for your job interview and dress neatly.
   He told me not to be late() for my() and to dress() neatly.

2. During the interview Iook at the interviewer, not at the computer on their desk.
   He told me to look() at hte interviewer not at the computer on their() desk.

3. Keep the conversation going. Don't just answer 'yes' or 'no'.
   He told me to keep () the conversation going() and not to answer() just 'yes' or 'no'.

4. Don't talk only about what you hope to get from the company.
   He warned me not to talk () only about what I hope to get() from the company.

5. Explain what you can do for them, as well.
   He suggested me to explain () what I could do() for them() as well.

6. Prepare some questions of your own about the job, the training etc.
   He told me to prepare () some questions of my own() about the job.

7. At the end don't forget to thank the Interviewer for seeing you.
   He reminded me not to forget () the interviewer for seeing me().


What did he say?

Report what you and the hiring manager said:

To be continued in the near future