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Start with ...

  • a short anecdote, that quickly leads into the topic
  • an interesting question - which is then answered by you
  • a personal statement / your main thesis (which often directly results from a "Discuss"-Topic given to you)and a reason why you think it is important
  • a surprising fact/statistic that asks for an explanation or supports your main thesis
  • a short definition of the problem you are asked to discuss as you see it
  • a short analysis of the message/your understanding of the quotation you are to discuss

Check if your introduction

  • introduces the topic quickly and clearly (+)
  • gives readers an idea of what direction the essay will take (+)
  • provides an overview of the structure/line of argument (+)
  • implies/poses a question and creates an expectation/interetst in the readers (+)
  • states general truths/defines what needs no definition (-)
  • asks questions/announces answers but does not give them (-)

Introductions to an essay - examples (with comments)