Wharram Percy/Protocol

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Wharram Percy

Bilingual History Project

  1. Go to https://unterrichten.zum.de/wiki/Wharram_Percy .
  2. Tick off all the steps you've already finished.
  3. Give this protocol to your teacher at the end of the lesson. He or she will sign it.

No. ✔ Done Title of the learning steps signature (teacher)
1. A Walk around Wharram Percy

2. Living (House and Furniture)

3. Food & Drink

4. Fashion & Clothes

5. Fields & Farming

6. Church & Churchyard

7. Manor House

8. A Knight's Tale

9. Feudal System

10. The Blacksmith

11. Manorial Court

13. How did the village get lost?

14. How was the village rediscovered?

Have fun!