Teenagers and music

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Teenagers and music: Teens in London


What’s on today?

In this digital learning trail you will find out about Alice and her life in London in a video about 10 minutes. You’ll need your netbook, headphones and the worksheet. I also send you a digital version of the worksheet via e-mail. Enjoy! Please hand in what you have finished today.

Getting started: (checking words)

You need to check the following words to understand the video clip. Check the words on the Internet and use one of these websites. Write down the meanings on your worksheet.

Watching the video about Alice in London (viewing + listening)

Please watch the video and answer the questions on your worksheet in sentences. Click on this link.

Support: Read the transcript if you can’t find all the answers. Click on this link.

Finding information about Alice’s band (research on the internet)

Search this website for more information about Alice’s band. What else is interesting about »Anorax«. Find out five facts.

Alice and I. What do I have in common* with Alice?

  • (to have something in common = etwas gemeinsam haben)


Find at least (= mindestens) three things that you have in common. Answer in complete sentences.

Start your sentence like this:
Language support: Alice and I…./ We both …. /I also have/like…

Character profile about Alice

Create a character profile about Alice and use thought bubbles and speech bubbles. Use the information that you have about Alice and your imagination.

Creative writing


Choose A or B. (150 words)

A: Imagine you’re Alice. Write a diary entry and use the simple past.

B: Imagine you are meeting Alice at a concert. Write a dialogue between Alice and you.

Done? Great job! Please e-mail or hand in your results to your teacher

What’s next?

If you have finished, please tell your teacher. You can start with your presentation about your favourite song.