Speaking/Expressing Opinions

Aus ZUM-Unterrichten

If you want to express your opinion, it's useful not to say I want … but to alternate (chenge between) these expressions:

Interactive exercises

What do the following words mean? Match the expressions with their corresponding definitions.

A I'd rather ....   I'd prefer ...
B I'd better go ...   I should go ...
C If I were you, ...   ... in your position.
D I'm afraid I can't ...   I' m sorry but ...


box office: Can I help you?
customer:   "Yes, I'd like to know if there are any tickets for "WE will rock you!" left (übrig)?

box office: I'm afraid (tut mir leid, dass...) we have only seats in the first row."

customer: Oh dear (Ach du meine Güte). I'd rather (lieber) something else. ....