Roman Britain/Life of a Legionary

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Why was the Roman Legionary so good?

Reconstruction of a Roman legionary, Museum het Valkhof, Nijmegen (Netherlands) (9567092987).jpg

Housesteads Roman Fort (Vercovicium) (44517650982).jpg

Interactive Quizzes

An individual Roman soldier is called a (!centurion) (legionary) (!pension) (!gladius)

After how many years could a legionary retire? (!20) (!30) (!35) (25)

What was the Roman army's policy "Divide et impera"? (!Divide, rule, and make allies)(Divide, conquer, and rule)(!Conquer, rule, and make allies)(!Divide, conquer, and serve)

During the Roman punishment of decimation, every _____th man was executed. (!11)(!15)(10)(100)

Approximately how many soldiers made up a Roman legion? (!14,000-16,000)(!20,000-25,000)(!60-120)(!4,000-6,000)

A century of soldiers was made of how many men? (60-120)(!4,000-6,000)(!14,000-16,000)(!20,000-25,000)

Auxiliary troops were usually … (non-citizens)(!citizens)(!women)(!Spartan)

Roman Britain

  1. Life of a Legionary
  2. Hadrian's Wall
  3. Roads and Streets
  4. Everyday Life

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