Pronouns/Personal Pronouns

Aus ZUM-Unterrichten

Personal Pronouns werden als Ersatz für Namen und Namenwörter (Nomen) verwendet, um diese nicht immer wiederholen zu müssen.

Interaktive Übungen

My school

Complete the sentences. Use “I”, “he” or “she”.

Tom talks about his school. He says: “ I am in tutor group 7PC.

Lizzy is not in my tutor group. She is in 5b.

Mr Cooper is my tutor. He is very nice and he is very fair.

Linda isn't at our school. She is at a school for girls.”

Where are you from?

Complete the text.

1. Hi. My name is Lizzy. I'm from London. I'm thirteen. This is my friend, Sarah. She's twelve. She's from London, too. So we're both from London.

2. Hello. My name is Daniel. I'm thirteen. I'm from York. This is my friend, Mike. He's twelve.

3. I'm Kevin. I'm ten. This is Carol, my sister. She's twelve. She's from Oxford.

4. Our names are Jack and Joe. I'm eleven and he's eleven, too. We're twins. We're from London.