National Parks/Vocabulary

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Put in the opposites.

In the great wide open there was a canyon which was very narrow.

bad - good

dry <> wet

wild wolves - tame pets

stop <> go|start()


What do the following words mean?

Match the expressions (A-E) with their corresponding definitions (0-6).

Write the correct numbers in the grid below. Be careful: There are two definitions that you do not need.

A swamp

B plain

C forest

D desert

E valley

F glacier

1 a large area covered with trees
2 ice on the top of a mountain
3 an area with many fields, bushes and trees
4 a huge flat area with few trees
5 an area of land that is partly covered with water
6 an area with many mountains
7 the land between mountains

8 an area that is very dry and has few plants