Moon Palace

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Moon Palace ist ein Werk von Paul AusterW-Logo.gif(English).


"Moon Palace is the story of Marco Stanley Fogg - a novel that spans three generations, from the early years of this century to the first lunar landings; and that moves from the canyons of Manhattan to the cruelly beautiful landscape of the American West." (
"On this website you will find a variety of material connected with Paul Auster’s novel, Moon Palace.
Moon Palace is the story of Marco Fogg, but it also touches on the history of the USA as it pushes back the frontiers of place and space, from the founding of the first colony at Roanoke to the landing of the first astronauts on the moon. Auster’s novel offers a feast of references to painting, literature, travel and history. We have gathered together webpages, illustrations, articles and essays which touch upon the novel in some way. You can then decide which of the sites and pages you wish to visit, and how far you want to deepen your knowledge on a particular topic. We also offer an alphabetical vocabulary list of all the words annotated in the Cornelsen edition of the novel, which you can download and add to as you wish. We hope that our Moon Palace website will add an extra dimension to your enjoyment of this great American novel. " (

Fulfillment and failure in the novel ‘Moon Palace’ by Paul Auster

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