Guided Writing/Exam Tasks/Holidays in Ireland

Aus ZUM-Unterrichten

This is an example text for an e-mail to a friend (2013).

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Dear Ailbe,

I'm really looking forward to our Ireland trip. This will be the first holiday without our parents.

youth hostel

  • interesting boys and people from other countries
  • TV and pool in the lounge (hatte nach Aufenthaltsraum gegoogelt)
  • room with own shower
  • don't need sleeping bags, tent and cooking gear

❶ It's fun to stay at the YMCA - it'll be more fun in the Galway City Hostel with you. In a hostel there are interesting people from all over world - Australians on a gap year; Dubliners on holiday. It will be great to talk with and get to know more about them. ❷ All hostels have a lounge where you can meet them without having to invite them into your room. Maybe I can even improve my pool billard skills!

❹ If we fly with Ryan Air we have a maximum weight of 20kgs. I'm not sure if our tent, sleeping bags and even the cooking gear with pots and pans will fit in my backpack. In a hostel we wouldn't need all this stuff.


  • cheaper
  • more flexible (Wild camping?)
  • camp fire in the evening
  • see, feel and listen to nature

I think camping is a great way to save money which we don't have. ❶ Campgrounds are cheap / Campgrounds are not as expensive as other possibilities like hotels. ❷ If we found a nice, lonely spot we could just put up our tent there. I'm not sure if it's allowed but it shouldn't be a big problem in a sparsely populated country like Ireland. ❸ In the evening we could sit comfortably around a campfire, play the guitar and sing merrily. Maybe there are some other people we could party with. ❹ It's so beautiful to see the sun setting slowly and feeling the soft breeze in the evening. The cozy fire will keep us warm and when the stars come out, it will be truly romantic staying in the wild and unspoilt nature.

possible disadvantages

  • problem; nature in form of little creatures comes to you
  • bad weather, rain / wind
  • partying on campground

If you think about camping - think again! ❶ Nature is fine but not if it visits you at night in form of little critters (creatures) crawling into our tent and your sleeping bag. That happened to me the last time and I promised never to go camping again. ❷ And what would you do if it rained? All tents are said to be rain-proof. Nevertheless in the morning everything is clammy and cold - if you want to get dressed, you'll notice that even the new jeans and pullover are wet even though you've put them in a water-tight bag. ❸ Do you remember the hooligans from last year? They had been singing all night long and in the tent you could hear everything.

a way to travel (going to Ireland - eher nicht; wsl. mehr: how to travel through Ireland)

  • by car (Lucas is 18; he's a nice guy; afterwards we can send him on)
  • activity seeing the sights; Cliffs of Moher; Ring of Dingle
  • weather in Ireland; flexible (again)

Kind regards to your parents. It's great that they are going to finance our trip!


Hannah Montana

"Interesting" words:

adjectives: unique, extraordinary, my favourite

adverbs: particularly, unfortunately,