Civil Rights Movement

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In this learning path you can learn much about the Civil Rights Movement in the USA.

After slavery was abolished, life didn't change to much for the black population. After the second world war people fought against Segregation and for their rights. Most famous was Martin Luther King. With the Civil Rights Act (1964) and the Voting Rights Act (1965) segregation was officially ended. Today, however, American society is still divided and African Americans still have to fight for their rights.

It is recommended to do the exercises in the correct order. You can, however, change the order personnally. But take care to work on the right quizzes.

How to work

  • Stay focussed and take down notes carefully.
  • At the end of every page there are hints for the exercises. If you encounter any difficulties, use them step by step to finish the exercise on your own.
  • The last hint is the complete solution. Here can you check, if everything is correct. If you just copy the solution, you won't have the chance to get better!

You need

  • Your exercise book and a pen to take notes
  • Headphones for the videos

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