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Every school hast its own yearbook!


Work in groups of 2-3 and create some typical pages for an American-style yearbook about your own school.

Hand in by June 7!

Senior Portraits for the Yearbook

High School Picture Day | Hannah Stocking (8:00)


  1. Read this information sheet:
  2. Answer the folloing questions:
  3. Wo und an welchen Terminen kann man das Jahrbuch erwerben? (2 Einzelheiten).
  4. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit, das Buch im Nachhinein zu erwerben?
  5. Bis wann und wo müssen Fotos abgegeben werden?
  6. Welche Anforderungen müssen Fotos erfüllen (2 Einzelheiten)?

General Information

  • Yearbooks can be bought at registration or during the school year October 15-30 and December 1-15.
  • Cost for the 2022 yearbook is $50 payable to Issaquah High School.
  • After registration, you may take your payment to the bookkeeper in the activities office in the SAC, which is located next to the office.
  • Payment plans are available.
  • If you do not purchase a book by December 15, we will not order you one. Sometimes we receive and sell overruns when the books come in June, but these are not guaranteed.

Senior Portraits

  • Head and shoulder shots only.
  •  Photos must be vertical.
  •  Photo size: 1 3/4 inches tall by 1 1/2 inches wide.  Photos can be larger as long as the head size is correct (see below).
  •  Head size from top of head to chin: 1 inch exactly
  •  No full body, minimal props.
  •  Plain backgrounds. (indoor or outdoor is fine, but the background should be non-distinct)

COLOR photos, please. No black and white.

  • Senior Portraits are due Friday, October 17.  This date is our guarantee that the photo you want will be in the yearbook. Senior Portraits are due Friday, October 17.
  • Please read "Portrait specs" (see left) so that you know what we are requiring for your portrait. Senior Portraits are due Friday, October 17.
  • If your photographer gives you a photo to deliver to us, drop your photo off in the main office.  Place it in an envelope with your name written neatly on the envelope.  Do NOT write on the back of the picture.
  • Many photographers will send us the portrait themselves. Senior Portraits are due Friday, October 17.
  • Students whose pictures we have not received by the due date will be notified in November via a note or, in some cases, a phone call. Please do not ask us to call you to confirm receipt. There are just too many people.
  • We will put a photo of each senior possible in the yearbook.  If we do not receive a portrait from you, we will use the Dorian picture (ID card) if available.  If not available, we will be taking a picture of you ourselves.
  • Senior Portraits are due Friday, October 17. Meanwhile, if you are having your senior portrait done, bring one in to the main office.  Maybe it won't be too late.  Again, there are no guarantees, but we will do the best we can and still meet our deadline at the same time.
  • Senior Portraits are due Friday, October 17.Submission: digital in JPEG or TIFF format. They must be true to size and at least 300 DPI. Bring in a CD or email them to []. Senior Portraits are due Friday, October 17.